Jobs in Sri Lanka on a platter

The secret to get jobs in Sri Lanka on a platter is to acquire the right qualifications, gain the required experience, eloquence in the English language, backed by the best recommendations.

If you could coin the above four attributes together you could cruise into a top job Sri Lanka and the sky would be the limit for you.

To acquire the right qualifications, you should set your eyes on a goal and work towards it. You should set yourself on the path that would eventually take you to your final destination.

The top job that you would desire to occupy one day in your career would not be an illusion if you work with commitment, hard work and confidence step by step towards it.

Most of the personalities in top jobs that are occupied in our private sector today were young executives like you who put their heart and soul to achieve their goal through hard work, dedication and commitment.

This cannot be truthfully said of the topjobs occupied in the government and semi-government sectors. Most of those who occupy top jobs in these two sectors today, are recipients of political patronage and sit on these chairs with a cloud of suspicion hanging above their heads.

The private sector drives our economy creating vacancies for the best jobs like anywhere else in the world. It generates the optimum quantum of new job vacancies.

Foreign Direct Investments are encouraged to create new jobs, which would bridge the unemployment gap.

The quantum of Sri Lankan jobs took a leap forward with the open economy, and rakiyawa has been in the forefront doing yeoman service. We help applicants from their cv to succeeding in jobs.


Digital marketing an irresistible invitation

The digital marketing platform offers an irresistible invitation to all internet marketing professionals worth their salt, which is difficult to ignore and avoid.

The abundance of opportunities it serves on a platter to convey marketing digital messages to the general public who would one day in the future need the product or service your organization offers and when that day arrives the customer should already have the knowledge, that it is your brand that he would like to satisfy his need.

This would be an ideal situation, but life for digital marketing professionals does not come this easy.

The road to successfully concluding a business deal culminating with the product moving from the shelf to the customer is far more complicated and would require many midnight oils to be burnt before you could achieve your objectives.

The essence in proactive and aggressive online marketing techniques is using popular search engines like Google to your optimum advantage.

Your brand should be well supported by a progressively thinking and innovative seo company, who would not be tardy in their approach and continuously update and maintain your website to achieve maximum results.

The seo services offered should be within the very stringent parameters set by Google, and working relentlessly would award your product a high search engine optimization ranking which is sure to provide high visibility to your prospective customers.

A high SEO ranking would be the reward that would be bestowed on your brand for resiliently pursuing the high ranking position which is a proud achievement.

Marketing research by responsible entities has found that many businesses are concluded on referrals, and word of mouth.

Hence pursuing this line with aggressive email marketing and social media marketing strategies within targeted social circles would pay rich dividends.


Favorites get better ratings

Whatever career an individual chooses and then aspires to progress to the pinnacle of success it is imperative to have good independent ratings from silent admirers.

It is independent reviews from these silent admirers who would gift you, after observing your work with good and above average reviews that would provide you the impetus to strike gold in your chosen career.

If you are an author, you would expect your readers to rate Sinhala books written by you, which is surely going to help in your quest to be recognized among your peers.

Along with your work you should also create an air of invincibility around you on public opinion, because dealing closely with the populace you need to be acceptable within the realms of a decent society to score a higher rating.

Conglomerates strive to have their brands, some of which are leaders in the market to always maintain their market share and command a good product rating.

When we rate songs and give them the boost they are sure to make an indelible mark on the charts, like a high college rating for an educational institute which would find the special place they are looking for.

Producers expect their film fans to rate movies, and show that their work is appreciated, likewise to also take the time to rate teledramas and provide a feed back.

Actors both male and female hinge their careers on the love and respect they receive from their fans, hence it is important to rate actors to show our appreciation of their work.

My the most popular website which itself has a high media rating, helps everyone to trade their talents and receive good authentic independent ratings to help in furthering their careers.     

 We study how they rate banks and would like to put our money if the bank rating is high and we are comfortable, by trusting them.